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Chemeketa Park Residents

Immediate Water Usage Reduction

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Our Water Master, Cypress Water Services, is requesting that Chemeketa Park residents reduce their water usage now. With the recent power outage, which required a water treatment system reset, and the reduced flow of Moody Gulch, we are having difficulty maintaining proper water storage levels in our water storage tanks.

As the summer progresses and the daily heat increases, particularly in the next week, it is necessary and incumbent on us all to conserve as much water as we can. The hotter it gets, the less water flows in Moody Gulch(MG). The reduced MG water flow may require using San Jose Water’s Montevina Pipeline at an additional cost to the community.

The current water reduction rate is 20%.

The Board of Directors appreciates your efforts to conserve water during these challenging conditions.

Please go to for resources on how to save water.  Scroll down to the second page in the "News" section.

Thank you,

Cypress Water Services and the CPMWC BoD

Chemeketa Firewise Fire Season Focus

The attached document covers the steps you can take to prepare your home, and community, for the wildfire season through the rest of this year.  We post each month's focus, but wanted to let you know the whole season as well.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping us all safe.

Chemeketa Firewise Fire Season Focus

FireSafe Marin Video "Debunking Myths" about Defensible Space

Watch this short video from FireSafe Marin with the Batallion Chief of Central Marin Fire.  The video separates fact from fiction and offers great information about what defensible space should/can be - it's NOT removing everything from your yard, you will be happy to know. :).

Firewise Focus for July, 2022

For the next several months, Chemeketa Firewise is providing a monthly "to do" list to maintain a defensible space and harden your home against flying embers.  

Last month, June, the focus was on the First Five Feet - clearing all flammables within 5 feet of your house.  This is the ember-resistant zone (Zone 0) which science has proven to be extremely important.  

The focus for July is Lean, Green, and Mean.  Please click on the link below to read about how to create a defensible space that protects your family, home, and firefighters.  Let's all work together.

July Firewise Focus: Lean, Green, and Mean

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes from June 9, 2022

In the continuing  effort to keep our community informed, we have added links for further information on certain subjects discussed in the monthly meeting minutes.  Check it out!

FYI - The meeting minutes are always posted on this website under Water Company; Meeting Minutes.   They will be posted for a few weeks in this News section as well so that everyone has a chance to read them. 

 June 2022 Monthly Board of Directors Meeting