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Evacuation Route Workshop Notes

Please take a minute to read through the minutes of the Evacuation Workshop done one year ago (November, 2017).  The information is a good reminder to have your emergency plan and Go Bag updated each year, and if you haven't prepared either, this can help you begin with that project.  October is fire safety month, so check your property to make sure you have a defensible space and rid your property of dangerous brush and wood that can be a fire hazard.

When each one of us stays safe, we all stay safe! 

Family-Friendly Dinner

Let’s Make Chemeketa Park Four-Season-Friendly by building a Gazebo to compliment the wonderful Barbeque and Picnic Tables. Be part of mountain living history and join us for a fabulous Family-Friendly Dinner. There will be face painting ($5) and other free kid activities starting at 4:00pm, followed by dinner at 6:00pm. Saturday, August 11 2018 at the Chemeketa Clubhouse.  $15/Adult meal ticket: Grilled summer classics (including gourmet hot links from local favorite, Silva Sausage Co. in Gilroy) and a non-alcoholic beverage. Adult beverages available - donations encouraged. Children: (10 and under) Eat free!

All net proceeds go to the Gazebo Project. Please bring your ideas and friends.

For further questions, please feel free to email Catalina Rupert

Let’s Get Together and Help Each Other

A few months ago, we started a dialog about forming “PODs” in our neighborhoods to help each other out in the case of an emergency, large or small.  A POD, as we were thinking, would be a self-contained unit (a group of homes) with the function of being able to help each other out in case of an earthquake or evacuation. Here are some of the goals of creating PODs:

  • Share phone numbers and email addresses for communication purposes.
  • Draw a map of each POD and know your evacuation route.
  • Put names, phone numbers on the map and distribute to the POD members.
  • Share any special needs that a member may have (cannot drive, cannot walk, etc.).
  • Gather medications if cannot return to the house.
  • Pets that need to be cared for if cannot return to house.
  • Pets that need to be collected in case of evacuation.
  • Ability to help children in case they are at school and parents cannot get to them.

There have been a few PODs formed throughout the park, it turns out, and we would like to expand on this so that all members of our community are included and can be taken care of during an emergency.  We had our first group POD meeting last weekend. We call our POD “Lower Kiowa” and we have 11 homes.

We are looking for some people who would be willing to be POD Leaders. A leader would be the person to get things going, set up meetings, collect and share information, and just be a focal point for the small group. We have several members of the community who have volunteered so far, but we need more. If you are interested, even just a little, please reach out.  We can create this project to fit anyone and everyone.  Let’s brainstorm and find ways to be helpful so we all have a plan in the event of an emergency – large (earthquake or evacuation) or small (I can’t make it home to let my dog out, can you help?).

What do you think?  Are you in?  I think it’s a win-win without much fuss – we just need to share some information. When we get a list of people who are interested in helping, we will have a meeting and get this project going.  I’m super excited about it.  Please join us!  Contact: Dana Hartzell via email –

5 Day Road Closure Comanche Trail near Assiniboine

Beginning Monday, June 25, Comanche Trail near Assiniboine will be closed from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm for approximately 5 days. If you live on Assiniboine, you will be able to get in and out via Comanche by going up the hill (no closures for you). If you use this section of Comanche as your travel path, you may want to travel the other direction for these few days. Comanche will be open each day after 5:00 p.m.

This repair will do a couple of things: improve the grade of the road so that cars and trucks do not scrape the road as they pass; and add a grate which will improve drainage for water coming down Comanche and Assiniboine. 

Our mail carrier and UPS have been notified. The Fire Department will also be notified. If you have deliveries scheduled during this road closure, please advise your carriers, mentioning they should go around that part of Comanche. The road repair contractors will work around the trash collection schedules. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. The road grade and the drainage will be much better when the work is complete. J

Thank you for your understanding and support of our community.

Chipping Program Update

There is a new Brush Chipping procedure, due to a series of difficulties with our past chipping program. The FireSafe Council has asked Chemeketa Park to try their new format.

Drive up & Drop Off

Location still the same.

Bring your material to be chipped to the playground. There will be a chipping crew waiting to chip your brush.

All of the previous guidelines are still in effect. The chipping crew won’t chip material that isn’t within the guide lines!

The Drive Up and Drop Off Chipping Program

This Saturday, April 21, 2018

8:00AM thru 3:00PM