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Notice of the annual general meeting - June 4th, 2017

NOTICE OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING with proposed bylaw changes to be held on June 4, 2017

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Chemeketa Park Mutual Water Company will be held on Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 1:00 pm at the Clubhouse.  Members must be in good standing either to vote or to assign a proxy.  Signed proxies may be presented to the Board Secretary at the meeting or beforehand.

Bylaws may be repealed or amended only by the Membership at a General Meeting.  This year, the Board of Directors has two changes to consider at the annual meeting.

A community member proposed changing to the bylaws to remove Section 2.6.3.  The Board does not recommend making this change, but agreed to present the request to the membership for consideration.

Section 2.6.3  Any Member who has reached the age of 62 years and who resides in his or her qualifying dwelling shall be entitled to a 10% reduction on all regular monthly assessments levied by the Corporation.

The financial impact of this change would be additional revenue of $5,342 for the 2017-18 fiscal year.  This is a revenue increase of 1.8%.

The Board recommends changing Section 5.1.5, which describes road projects that require prior approval by the Board of Directors.  It was pointed out that this section requires approval only for the specific activities listed, which are installing a pipe, drain or conduit.  The Board recommends adding sub-section, such that approval shall be required for all maintenance and improvement projects.

Section 5.1.5  Approval required.

  •  No person or agency, whether public or private, shall construct or install any pipe, drain or conduit along, under or across any roadway or make any excavation or cut therein for such purpose without first obtaining permission to do so from the Board by mail, email or by appearance at a regular monthly Board meeting. 
  •  Approval shall be subject to agreement between applicant and Board as to methods and procedures to be employed.  The Board shall provide guidelines for performance of such work.
  •  The provisions of this paragraph shall apply to all public utilities, including any company providing electricity, gas, data or telephone service.
  •  No person or agency shall perform road maintenance or road improvement work without first obtaining permission to do so from the Board of Directors.

Special Notice to Chemeketa Park Residents

Starting sometime after October 23, 2016 and ending before November 9, 2016, there will be tree and brush clearing along Ogallala Warpath, Comanche Trail, and potentially other streets in Chemeketa Park.

Chemeketa Park has been awarded a grant from PG&E for defensible space and evacuation route clearing of brush and trees that will assist emergency crews to enter the park and for us to exit the park in the case of a fire emergency. The goal is a minimum 12. roadway width and 14. overhead clearance for all streets.

All residents are asked to help in these fire safety efforts by trimming shrub areas along your roadsides and throughout the community. An area for excess shrub material will be provided at the Clubhouse during this time. Please haul debris safely to the Clubhouse area for chipping.

Please be advised that during this time, your normal routes of travel in and out of the park may be blocked and your travels delayed. Please be patient and plan ahead.

Let.s pull together and make our community safer!

Santa Clara FireSafe Council Press Release

June 27, 2016
For immediate release

Santa Clara County FireSafe Council is about to start work on a CALFIRE funded wildfire prevention project to create a fuel break along Highway 17 near Redwood Estates.

The vehicle fire on Monday that escaped into the forested slopes below dozens of homes was exactly the scenario that residents in the area and firefighters feared.

In 2014, Redwood Estates homeowners wrote to Caltrans and CALFIRE to raise concerns about the fire hazard along the highway due to many dead trees that have been accumulating on the hillsides, as well as frequent car fires.

Since then, the FireSafe Council has been working with CAL FIRE to fund and develop the project, coordinating with Caltrans, the California Conservation Corps, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, Santa Clara County Parks, Redwood Estates Services Association, and others.

The project will create a fuel break by removing combustible vegetation above the southbound side of the highway, such as invasive broom as well as over 100 dead trees.  

In April, the FireSafe Council was awarded a $99,000 grant from the State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund. Work will start in July.

The grant funds are to help residents who live near the highway between Bear Creek Road and Summit Road with their fuel reduction work. The FireSafe Council will coordinate Caltrans to do dead tree and brush removal in the highway right-of-way below the homes.

"This project is needed to address significant tree mortality due to bark beetles, sudden oak death, and drought stress. We look forward to working with the FireSafe Council and our partners in Caltrans and the CCC to help mitigate the risks of wildfire in this very vulnerable area," said CAL FIRE Unit Forester Ed Orre.

"It is urgent we get started," said FireSafe Council Programs Manager Patty Ciesla. "So much attention is going to the Sierras where pines are dying in huge numbers but we are also vulnerable here. We are all worried about dead trees locally and this fire has our attention. Our Lexington Hills area manager had to evacuate her home in Redwood Estates, which was only a short distance from the flames," Ciesla said.

Advocating on behalf of the grant to fund the project were several legislators including state Senator Jim Beall, whose district includes Redwood Estates.

"The FireSafe Council.s project will be a big step toward preventing a potential catastrophic wildfire that could destroy homes and wildlife," Beall said. "I am glad that I could play a role in urging CAL FIRE to approve the grant funds for our area."

An informational workshop will be hosted by Senator Beall on July 26th in Redwood Estates. Project information will be available at  For more information, contact Patty Ciesla, Programs Manager, at 408-354-7279 or

Living with Fire in Santa Clara

Santa Clara County FireSafe Council

Mobilizing the people of Santa Clara County to protect their homes, communities and environment from wildfires.

Santa Clara County has a growing number of homes and communities located in wildfire prone areas. Many of these beautiful and desirable areas possess all of the ingredients needed to support large, intense and uncontrollable wildfires.

DRAFT Wildfire Prevention Plan Workshops next week for YOUR input

Please attend one of our Draft Community Wildfire Prevention Plan workshops! Help us make your community safer by reviewing our prevention plan and providing input to our planning team on whether we got your neighborhood's environment, risks, and important resources identified correctly, and if our prevention and preparation plans focus on the right priorities.

Monday May 2nd @ 7PM- 9PM
Focused on the East Foothills
Milpitas Senior Center Auditorium
40 N Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas

Tuesday May 3rd @ 7PM- 9PM
Focused on Morgan Hill, Gilroy and the South County
Morgan Hill Community Center, Hiram Room
17000 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Wednesday May 4th @ 7PM- 9PM
Focused on Monte Sereno, Los Gatos and the Lexington Hills
Pavilion at Redwood Estates

21450 Madrone Drive, Los Gatos, CA 95033

Monday May 9th @ 7PM- 9PM
Focused on Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto
Community Hall, 10350 Torre Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014

We are seeking feedback on our DRAFT Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) at workshops that will be happening next week and the following.

A draft Santa Clara County county-wide CWPP has been developed. This takes our existing Lexington Hills CWPP and other local CWPPs (such as Croy, Palo Alto, and San Jose East Foothills) and updates and builds on them. It expands on and covers the gaps between the local CWPPs. The countywide CWPP will establish priorities for the FireSafe Council and others for projects to help protect against and prevent wildfires.

This project to develop a countywide CWPP is being organized by the Santa Clara County Fire Department in partnership with CAL FIRE Santa Clara Unit and the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council. It is funded by a grant from the SRA Fire Prevention Fee that many of us pay annually. SCCFD hired a professional consulting firm to develop the plan: SWCA Environmental Consultants.

We are looking for input from those of you that live in the high wildfire risk areas on this draft plan. The plan covers a variety of elements and takes many factors into consideration, including vegetation and tree types, tree mortality, fuel loading, slope, aspect, weather/climate, roads, homes, other structures and facilities at risk, water sources, distance from fire stations, and the like. Also factors such as age of construction, building materials, demographics, land use and zoning, etc.

Your input is needed! Local residents know their communities best! Please come and provide local knowledge, express your concerns and opinions about priorities, and so forth. Make sure we are getting this right!

The meeting dates, times, and locations are distributed in different areas of the county for your convenience; you are welcome to attend any meeting if the date of the nearest location doesn't work for you. 

We hope to see you at one of the meetings! If you cannot attend you are welcome to send your ideas to our email address below. Thank you for supporting the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council!