By now you are probably aware of the water emergency facing California, but you may not be aware of its depth. To give you some perspective, this is the driest year in California.s recorded history.  That.s about 165 years. This puts us at great risk not only in terms of drinking water, but also fire.  In response to this emergency the Chemeketa Park Board of Directors and our water master have been working to make our water system as efficient and leak-free as possible.

While we will continue to do our part to ensure safe drinking water for the community, we need your help.  We have initiated mandatory water rationing.  We are requiring every resident to reduce his or her water consumption by 30%.  That may sound like a difficult task, but we are sure you are up to the job.

Here are some ideas on how to reduce your water consumption:

  • When washing dishes by hand it.s better to fill a tub with water than to let the water run.
  • Cut your time in the shower by half. Turn off the water while soaping up or washing your hair.
  • Cut down on watering your garden and/or lawn . both time and frequency.  Remember to water in the early morning or late afternoon to prevent water loss due to evaporation.

These are just a few ways to conserve water.  A more comprehensive list will arrive at your doorstep within the next few days. 

This said, there are some activities that will not be allowed during this mandatory water rationing phase.

  • Neglecting breaks or leaks in your waterline
  • Installing, cleaning or refilling swimming pools
  • Washing your car
  • Power washing your house, deck, patio or driveway

This restriction will remain in place until the rainy season at which point the situation will be reassessed.

 Thank you for your awareness and cooperation.