To the Community Members of Chemeketa Park,

The PG&E Grant monies have been spent and the grant project has been completed. In total PG&E provided $8,100 towards the tree trimming and brush clearing in our community. We all should thank PG&E and the Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council for their continued efforts in making our community safer from fire.

Check it out!

As you walk down Comanche Trail starting at Bunny.s Corner and then walking along Apache Trail see how the area looks now. Additionally, there was some clearing of brush and scraggly trees from around the Clubhouse. Not only do these areas look better, they are also safer from the danger of fire and will significantly improve emergency ingress and egress.

PG&E  and the SCCFire Safe Council have stepped up twice now with money and support for this most recent project and the first PG&E project that occurred five or so years ago. Remember the .Evacuation Route. and SOD tree removal along the .Lower Ogallala. entrance and up to Crow Trail? Several years have passed since and most of us don.t even remember what it looked like back then, do we? There were well over twenty dead trees in the area that were removed. The removal of those trees and the underlying brush significantly reduced the fire fuel load along Lower Ogallala Warpath.

Soon, there will be additional grant monies available for projects similar to the PG&E Grant project just completed. The Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council is the prime facilitator for project coordination and distribution of grant monies throughout the portions of Santa Clara County in the .Wildland Urban Interface. areas, .WUI.. Keep an eye out for additional information.

Just in case you aren.t sure what living in the .WUI. looks like. Stand out in your yard and look around. We live in the .WUI..

In the meantime, start talking with your neighbors about .shaded fuel break. and .defensible space. projects around your homes. Get 4,5 or 6 of you that live next to each other and appoint a spokesperson to represent your group and present your plan to the CPMWC BoD.s. Contact the board through the website. We will then meet with you and help finalize what type of work can be done. This preplanning will allow us to move swiftly and complete the work in a timely manner. Frequently the grant monies become available on short notice and have a very limited availability window. You should start this process now!

See more Fire Safety information here.