THIS THURSDAY, August 26th, beginning at 8:45 a.m., all of the speed bumps in the park will be re-striped. Most of the speed bumps are on Comanche between Bunny’s Corner and Nez Perce. There is one at the very bottom of Comanche and a couple on the other side of Comanche between Sioux Trail and Delaware Trail. THE ROAD WILL BE CLOSED DURING THE DRYING TIME. 

Every effort will be made to keep one side of Comanche open while the other side is being worked on, but please be patient. You may need to park your car at the Playground or at a neighbors’ for an hour or so. The crew will not begin until 8:45 a.m. to accommodate school drop-offs that morning. 

Any questions, send a message to the Board at . Thanks for your support and kindness toward others.