(UPDATE: Road work has been moved back one week to being on May 15th)

Road repairs are scheduled to begin on May 15th in the Park.  Repairs will begin on Comanche Trail at Nez Perce (the north end).  The road will most likely be closed between 7:30 am - 5:00 pm each day. It is not clear yet if the road will be accessible after the work each day.  We will keep residents updated and informed via the website, so please check back. Estimated time for repair is five days.

Road repairs on Comanche at Delaware are scheduled to begin on May 22nd. Estimated time for this repair is at least a week.  The two other road projects are scheduled sometime after these first two repairs are completed (grate at Asininiboine,  and Walla Walla).

Please drive slowly and be aware of the workers helping to rebuild our roads.  Thank you for your patience.